Amazon Revıews and Feedback Management

Selling successfully on the Amazon marketplace requires being focused on two different things. These are Product Reviews and Sellers Feedback. The majority of the customers take care of the reviews and feedback before making any purchase decisions. Hence,  knowing how these two subjects increase your product visibility, sales performance and organic ranking will help you create the right product development strategies and effective launch campaigns while competing with your competitors.

As an E-Store Boost Company we apply the most appropriate  strategies for your product to make it visible and buyable with our invaluable work experiences. 

What Is The Amazon Product Review?

Product Reviews are the comments of  the customers that are just related to your product and displayed on your product page.

Not only does the customer pay attention to the product reviews for buying but also,  Amazon observes closely whether the product gets reviews or not regularly to determine the product rank organically. That’s why, we can say that satisfied customer reviews have a big impact on your product’s ranking in search results.  

What Is The Amazon Seller Feedback?

Seller Feedbacks are the comments of the customers that are all about the seller issues such as shipping, packaging, customer service and employee performance

How The Product Reviews and Seller Feedback Influence the Buyers?

We can safely say that the buyers are more confident in the product, which has many happy reviews and feedback.

In addition, the more comments the product receives, the higher its visibility. In other words, the number of impressions/clicks changes according to the Product Review and Feedback rates. Whatever the potential customers seek, firstly, they consider old customers’ product comments and seller feedback to make a purchase decision.

As we mentioned before, if the product gets lots of positive reviews and constructive feedback, that also gives the customer more confidence and reduces uncertainty. As a result, these two, product reviews and customer purchase, are parallel subjects that influence each other directly and also raise product sales and traffic on Amazon.

Why The Review and Feedback Management are So Important?

New products entering the Marketplace need to have good reviews and feedback as much as sale rates. In the first, the sales rates may rise positively. However, if the product does not begin to have good reviews, suddenly, the increasing sales chart may show the opposite trend and the product will not last long in the Market. At this point, the importance of the review and feedback management appears.

The number of Positive Reviews on Amazon is a very important indicator of having an idea about the product quality, usability and compliance with customer expectations.

As for Feedback Management, seller feedback for Amazon is a crucial sign-on evaluation of Amazon Seller Performance. Therefore, customer comments about sellers help employers recover their performance by giving them an overall view of the situation.

How Do We Deal with Review and Feedback Management to Make It Better?

After the customer purchases the order, Amazon sends the buyers an automatic message to request feedback or a review. 

As an E-Store Boost Consulting Company;

1- After a short time the message is gone, alternatively, we send the customer a second message in a different format to increase our review and feedback ratings by using some Amazon tools.

We aim to be able to have positive comments and feedback from the customers organically. We know that all the natural comments and especially Organic Seller Feedbacks given by customers will be more reliable,  according to Amazon’s Performance Metrics. At the same time, we are aware of the problem that is how the new product entering the marketplace receives poor comments or not any in the beginning. For this reason, we intend to increase the number of reviews, in turn, the number of impressions by using this automatic message service to be on the first page.

2- Customers can leave a negative comment on the Product Review or Feedback page. As soon as we become aware of the problem, we respond to buyers’ messages to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction. Meanwhile, we focus on how to solve it.

3- If this is related to a product, we try to improve our product and change our strategies by optimizing and innovating. If it concerns us as a seller, we try to find solid solutions by observing ourselves to do better.

4- The customer may accidentally put a comment on the page that should not be. Then we should immediately notice this issue and report it to Amazon service to remove that message from the page and direct the customer to the correct page.

 Based on our work experiences before, we can easily say that all those techniques we use at Amazon positively affect the number of Product Reviews and Seller Feedbacks as long as there is no bad review and feedback from customers.


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