Having some experience with products is an advantage, but it may not be enough to keep up with your competitors. Especially, when it comes to being sustainable with a rising success rate despite all challenging rivals, who have already taken place in the e-commerce area, there is one thing that matters the most.

That is comprehensive market research!

As a consulting company, E-Store Boost Graphic & Design, we endeavour to optimize your product launch strategy, select all of the essential keywords to build your most effective SEO and PPC campaign. But before launching a new product, to get some ideas and understand the supply and demand balance which could more or less determine its condition, we check other websites, social media, images and all the other variations where the product seems. Thus, we decide on the product by knowing whether there is any market potential or not.

Along with our expert team, we completely dedicate ourselves to your company achievement by developing the new strategies, also doing data analysis that contains the search volumes, sale and review count rates and price lists of our competitors.

If you desire to challenge your competitors professionally and take your company to the best sellers rank in Amazon, please contact us.

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