Let’s say you didn’t dive headfirst, instead studied your lesson well and did extensive market research before making your investment. You analyzed the supply-demand balance in the niches you narrowed down and found the very best product. Have prepared a listing with appealing images and a very well-optimized description. You also determined an accurate price strategy by analyzing your competitors. There is still a flavor missing in the dish. Even if you had the product to make the world a better place, you would still have the need to reach people and make it known. In other words, your hard work means so little if no one is aware of your product. It would be fairly easy to get the desired visibility if the number of SERPs (Search Result Pages) were 2 or 3. However this is not the case these days. A customer’s search on Amazon search box may turn tens, even hundreds of pages of results depending on the popularity of the search terms used. In such a hot competition, sellers have Amazon ads in their hands in order to acquire higher visibility for their product.

What are Amazon Sponsored Ads?

Amazon sponsored ads are advertisements that are shown almost everywhere on Amazon, including the product detailed pages. There are several types of advertisements offered to sellers, depending on the seller’s status (standard seller, brand owner, vendor, etc.). Almost all of those are PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.

How does PPC (Pay Per Clıck) work?

This brings some other metrics like CTR (Click Through Rate), Conversion Rate, ACOS (Advertisement Cost of Sales) and TACOS (Total Advertisement Cost of Sales). All those metrics should be metered constantly, different parameters like daily campaign budgets, keywords chosen to bid on or competitor products that are chosen – in case of a targeted PPC campaign – should be considered and replaced if necessary, even if the campaign is built on “Auto” mode. In other words, just like almost every other aspect of Amazon Business, there is not a “fully autopilot” approach for Amazon Advertising (PPC) Optimization. That is why firing an Amazon Advertisement Campaign is not a one-time only task, in fact it is a process that should be designed and continuously and professionally monitored for a sustainable Amazon business success.

Here at E-Store Boost our Marketing Professionals analyze your product and the competition you have for that product, do extensive keyword analysis, and find the opportunities through specified keywords. Then we build a marketing strategy with you and our marketing team keeps monitoring and managing your Amazon Advertising (PPC) Campaigns on a daily basis that are built in line with that strategy and prepare weekly performance reports for those campaigns.

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