Amazon Post Management

Promotion and Advertisement may be as old as commerce itself. It is equally important to determine the opportunity and find a decent product to fill the gap in competition and show your product, or your listing in case of selling on Amazon, to potential customers. Advertisement campaigns come to the rescue of sellers right at this point. The hotter competition has become on Amazon, the more aware the sellers have become, and the more sophisticated methods and newer trends have evolved in order to get on the top of this stiff competition.

Amazon sellers have several advertisement options for this purpose. One can create different types of advertisement campaigns including automatic and manual keyword campaign. And targeted sponsor ads. While a standard amazon seller is bound within 2-3 alternatives, brand owners have a bunch of additional privileges in this sense. Among all other handy perks of being a registered brand owner, those additional advertisement campaign types give a huge advantage over non-brand owner, standard amazon sellers in this race.

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is the most recent, image-based, Amazon social media platform that was launched towards the end of 2019. This is one of the latest trends that enables you to show up on other sellers’ listings without any additional costs, have your stellar lifestyle content seen and boost your sales. With Amazon Posts basically you are creating content using lifestyle media to be published on the platform where it can be shoppable directly. Those posts show up in a brand’s feed on Amazon, and they function almost the same as the posts you see on Instagram.

Each Post includes product image, a caption, and links directing to the product detail page. Also, there is a “Follow” button, just like its counterparts on the other social media platforms that allows customers to follow your brand. That not only allows shoppers to see more of your content but also takes you one step closer to reach the “Have loyal customers” goal.

Key Points to be Consıdered

In order for your ad to perform at its best and achieve its purpose, first of all the basic concept of Amazon Posts must be understood very well. Success is not a one-time trophy. Just like the other matters related to e-commerce, consistency is the key factor here. And to be able to aim for consistency, one should have a solid brand marketing strategy. You also need the most optimized structure in terms of imagery and content because you only have a short period of time to hold shoppers’ attention. In short, you might want to use the help of a professional.

E-Store Boost’s marketing team has expertise on strategy developing, extensive competition analysis, and advertisement planning. With our experience and passion, success is not accidental. 

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