Amazon Image & Infographics Optimization

The number of Amazon sellers by 2021 is 9.7 million worldwide and counting. 1.9 million of those are actively selling on the marketplace. In order to cope with this increasing competition, to be successful and to have a profitable business at the end of the day, sellers need far more than just finding a good product. They need competitive pricing strategy, dynamically balanced advertisement budget management, stock monitoring and more importantly the best optimized listings with amazon image optimization.

When it comes to listing optimization there is a lot to do and a good portion of this hard work is for the sake of having your listing better searchable and highly ranked by Amazon algorithms. However even if you manage to have your sweet spot in the top ranks of Page 1 you still need to convince a human being to make the purchase decision. Researches put forth that the most powerful factor that triggers the visitor to hit the “Buy Now” button is images and infographics of the product. That is why a clear, compelling imagery that appeals to your target consumer group’s visual sense, emotion and logic is an important key to your Amazon sale success.

Images Speak Louder Than Words

While a professionally composed photograph or cleverly designed infographic can tell the story in just a couple of seconds, you might have to use hundreds of words to get the job done. And most of the time it is not that possible to have that read by buyers.

Key Consıderations for Imagery

There are dozens of decisions to be made for a decent visual presentation. The images must be Amazon compliant, professionally taken and chosen. Target competition data should be extracted, buyer profile should be analyzed, the SEO strategy should be examined and decisions should be made in line with it.

The long and the short of it, a professional, creative and experienced team is a must if it is the sustainable business success to be achieved.

Amazon Image Optimization 

Here at E-Store Boost our Graphics & Design team, composed of experienced, dedicated and innovative professionals, strive for the best results in order to keep you ahead of the competition. With the awareness that product listing is a whole, they add value to your brand with their work carried out in parallel with all processes, from competition analysis to customer experience data collection. Success for us is not only to increase our clients’ sales numbers but also is to take their business to a higher level achieving a sustainably rising business trend for them.

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