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The most intimidating part of launching a product is to create initial sales and also get the first reviews from the customer. Once, your product has been launched you need to follow the right strategies and apply optimal launch methods such as PPC (Pay Per Click), Amazon tool and off-Amazon channels.

One of the main reasons why we care about customer reviews is the more reviews come, the more new customers will rely on your product and visit your page. By the time this also will push your product to the top page on Amazon and affect your sales rates in a positive way. These two vital components play a very important role to success on the Marketplace.

Based on this analysis, we implement leading PPC advertisement methods with a bidding system to increase the visibility of your product. For this, we offer Amazon the average bid for each advertisement campaign and then increase or decrease by comparing our competitor offers. Thus, with this method, we generate a maximum impression on Amazon by utilizing some aggressive advertisement campaigns.

These various advertisement campaigns named Sponsor Products, Sponsor Brands and Sponsor Display gives us some options to choose the most effective and goal-oriented one during the product launching. Applying this method increases the number of impressions and reviews in a short term. Therefore, after making the campaign alive, a certain time we are observing the process and analyzing the returns of the campaign. According to the sale and review rating results, if the current campaign doesn’t satisfy our expectations, we try to enforce different aggressive campaign methods by using one or more at the same time.

Sponsor Product campaign is the most common one between them, it targets top-effective keywords to increase your ranking. Apart from Sponsor Product, other aggressive campaigns that call Sponsor Brands and Sponsor Display provided by Amazon may also boost the number of impressions and reviews as well.

All the campaigns we operate are not limited to these. We might say, there are still, different techniques to consider in the product launch strategy.

For example, we use Amazon Tool that Amazon reaches customers and sends our product to try. Thus, the customer comments we have received, increase our review ratings and sales performance organically during the launching campaign.

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